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Our Statesville Pediatric Dentist Explains How A Healthy Diet Can Assist With Dental Hygiene

The choices made by families when it comes to food have a bearing on the oral health of every person. Both children and adults alike can have their oral health affected by their food intake, according to our local childrens dentist. Pediatric dentists understand our mouths are filled with bacteria that can cause tooth decay when the diet is unbalanced.

How Does Diet Affect Oral Health?

Our Statesville NC dentist for kids points to the sugar-filled diet many people consume is causing damage to their teeth and mouth. Pediatric dentists recommend limiting the number of sugary foods and drinks consumed because these are usually lacking in the nutrients needed for a healthy mouth. A diet of processed foods and sugary drinks will do little for the overall health of a child and will cause the oral health of a child to be negatively affected.

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water is one of the most important options a parent can provide for a child. By drinking water, the teeth and gums of a child are protected from the bacteria causing long-term damage. Choosing water over sugary drinks reduces the risk of sugar building up on the teeth of children.

Avoid Soft and Sugary Snacks

The best option for any parent is to provide a balanced diet filled with different foods. By providing a balanced diet, a family makes sure the required vitamins are available to build strong teeth and healthy gums. Our Statesville NC dentist for kids explains children who avoid sugary drinks and foods grow up healthier.

If you are ready to learn more about caring for the teeth of your kids with our local children’s dentist, call today to schedule an appointment.