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4 Habits That Affect Your Child’s Teeth From Our Local Pediatric Dentist

Parents go the extra mile to ensure that their children’s teeth are in good shape. However, your child may still have bad habits that can ruin their teeth. It is important to make sure that your child avoids doing the following.

Biting Their Fingernails

Statesville pediatric dentists say that nail biting is terrible for the teeth. If children bite their fingernails, then they will be more likely to chip and crack their teeth. They are also more likely to grind their teeth.

Additionally, your child can get sick if they bite their nails. The nails may have bacteria that they can transfer to their mouth and end up in the bloodstream.

Not Using a Mouth Guard

Dentists for kids recommend that children wear mouth guards when they are playing a sport. Children who play a contact sport are at an increased risk for suffering a dental injury. A mouth guard can prevent that from happening.

Chewing on Ice

Statesville pediatric dentists say that ice chewing is a bad habit. Children who chew ice can do permanent damage to their teeth. You can stop an ice chewing habit by serving your child a chilled beverage without any ice.

Sucking on Hard Candy

Dentists for kids say that candy should be a rare treat. Sucking on hard candy can increase the risk of tooth decay. Children should brush their teeth after they consume hard candy.

Where do I find a pediatric dentist near me? That is a question that many people have. If it is time for your child to see a dentist, then you set an appointment with us.