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Our Pediatric Dentist Gives Tips for Making Your Child Feel Comfortable At the Dentist

A trip to a Statesville NC kids dentist can be a scary place for a child. This can make things stressful for the parent. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can make your child comfortable the dentist.

Take Your Child to The Dentist at a Young Age

Your child should have their first appointment with the local pediatric dentist by the time that they are one-years-old. Early dental care prevents problems, and it also helps your child get adjusted to the environment.

Use the Right Words

The words that you use can make your child more or less comfortable with a local pediatric dentist. You don’t want to use words like “hurt”, “pain” and “scary.” It is best for you to use neutral language.

Take Your Child to the Dentist Before the Appointment

One of the reasons that children are afraid of going to the dentist is because they don’t always know what to expect. That is why you should take your child to the dentist before their appointment. Allow them to tour the office and get familiar with the environment.

Read a Book About the Dentist

There are a lot of books about going to the dentist. You should read one of those books before your child to the Statesville NC kids dentist. This will also give them an idea of what to expect when they go to the dentist.

You may be thinking to yourself “I need to find a children’s dentists near me.” If it is time for your child to get a dental appointment, then you can get in touch with our office.